Hot Buttery Delicious Crumpets
with Beerenberg Orange Marmalade.

After many unsuccessful attempts at various crumpet recipes I finally found Dan Lepard’s recipe on Good Foods.

My first batch were a little oily and my solid electric hotplate was a little too hot, but my second batch just wiping out the pan with oil and using the simmer hotplate at 3 or 3½ (which gave me a temperature around 150 – 180 degrees celsius) worked much better. I still need to tweak the heat a little. Not being a vinegar fan I didn’t include the optional apple cider vinegar.

Using my old aluminium egg rings and an old spoon which measured about 20 mis gave me bite sized crumpets. Even though the crumpets were tiny they took about 10 minutes to cook the first side, flipping to brown the tops for a couple more minutes.

For the second batch I left the batter overnight in the refrigerator, but that didn’t make much difference. I wonder what would happen if I tried the ‘no knead bread’ slow rise technique?

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