When I established this blog, circa 2011, I planned to be a much more prolific blogger.

I had left my long time position working in a variety of communication, advisory  and project roles (mostly for South Australia’s workplace relations, health and safety regulator) and had nearly finished the Bachelor of Journalism (with a sub-major in psychology) I had been studying part-time for way too many years.

I was looking towards a more creative future.

But as that John Lennon song lyric goes…  “Life is what happens… while  you’re busy making other plans”.

So here we are, November 2018, time to reinvigorate the plan.

I need to say that what I write and what I create is done purely for me.  I rarely follow instructions, rarely use all the ingredients listed in a recipe etc and if I do follow someone else’s creation closely enough I will tell you who they are or where I found it. I’m happy to share, otherwise I wouldn’t be publishing to the world wide web but ask that if you use my words or images you kindly credit me.  You will have different skills, different resources, use different tools, work in different conditions, etc etc all of which will play a part in whether or not you achieve a similar result. I’d much rather see your version.

I’ve left comments closed until now, but I think I’m ready to open them up.  I just ask that people ‘play nice’ and be aware that with my work history I have spent way too much of my life time listening politely to unreasonable behaviour to let it occur in this space.

I hope you enjoy my discoveries. And by the way I do love to chat about my projects and the lessons I learnt while creating them.