Teddy Design (Part 3)

The third teddy made from this pattern did not go together any easier than the others. They are cute but demand better technical sewing skills than I possess, so I am rethinking continuing with this pattern. Perhaps, I will come back to it later, when, and if, I acquire more patience.

Blue spotted Teddy
Blue and white spotted teddy.

It seems to be the neck and nose seams that most often result in me teaching the bears bad words. I am trusting these bears to keep my secrets, as I don’t think their grandparents would appreciate their little ones expanded vocabulary.

Consequently, the next make I’ve been working on will be smaller, only require 4 hoopings, and not have a neck seam, or a side of nose seam. This may also present a problem as I had to enlarge my original pattern to fit the sewing machine foot in addition to my fingers.

Hand sewing isn’t really an option as I want them to be machine washable so the little ones are able to play with them. It is probably the stabiliser that makes the seams so hard to sew, but if I take it off after the embroidery is done the filling is more likely to work its way through, which isn’t desirable either, dilemmas galore.

Another option I may try is to start with a sturdier fabric, one that doesn’t require full stabiliser. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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