Paw Prints on my Heart

Goodbye my faithful companions.
Goodbye my furry friends.
I didn’t think I had any tears left in me,
but you left your paw prints on my heart,
with a love that never ends.

Oscar protected me from danger, from birds and butterflies.
And he tried so very hard to chase thunder and lightning from the skies.

I’ll even miss our games of blackmail, or should I call it chess, 
when he made me think three steps ahead, or me he would out best,
demanding yet another ‘bikkie’, or he would bark out loud.
But when I said ‘cuddle’, he would line up for a hug,
his gentle, loving, personality always made me proud.

Cassandra protected me from cold feet, spiders, bugs, and flies.
Climbing high and hiding, giving me a fright, when I heard her sigh.

Not many met our lady, she was reticent.
Anything she could push off the edge, off the edge it went.
Over were her days of ‘parkour’, bouncing off the walls.
Hugging wasn’t her thing, although she endured it with good grace,
you knew she wasn’t happy, by the look upon her face.

I’ll miss both sets of eyes on me, demanding human treats.
Cassandra always knew what was on the plate, especially ham, or cheese.
Oscar could hear me grating carrots, from wherever he would be.
I’d soon see him at my side, waiting patiently for the ends, 
taking them so gently from my hand, on that I could depend.

Goodbye my faithful companions.
Goodbye my furry friends.
I’ll meet you by the rainbow ridge
at my end of days.
You’ve both left paw prints on my heart,
and there they will be, always.

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