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House Socks

All my hand knitted socks seem to wear through at the heel well before the rest of the sock and I’ve been trying to use up my stash of old Bluebell 3 ply, so these House Socks were the solution.

I’ve combined the thicker heel with a toe up design and finished them off with scraps of fluffy yarn. I’ve also been experimenting with needle sizes, but am happiest with 2.5 mm.

Basic Toe Up Sock Pattern

Using 3 Ply yarn and 2.5 mm needles


For a pointed toe – cast on 7 stitches, then on another needle cast on 6 stitches between them, knit one row. Increase 1 stitch at each end of each needle (4 stitches) every alternate row until width suits the foot (Approx 73 stitches)

Or for a rounded toe – cast on 11 stitches, then on another needle cast on 10 between them, knit one row, then cast on 1 stitch at each end of each side (4 stitches) every row until width suits.


Knit the side with the odd number of stitches as this will form the sole and knit or pattern the side with the even number of stitches.

Measure from the front of the ankle bone and adjust length to suit foot (Approx 50 rows).


Working only on side with odd number of stitches alternating rows of: (Row 1) Slip one, Knit one to end, Slip one & (Row 2)Purl.

Adjust length to end of foot (Approx 36 rows).

Mark either side of middle 11 or 13 stitches then round heel by continuing thick rib pattern to third to last stitch each side (reducing by two the number of stitches worked) until reaching markers.

Continuing thick rib pattern knit up number of stitches equal to half the number of rows on either side of heel (Approx 18 stitches)

Note: wrap wool around last front side stitch to reduce hole…


Following patterns on both sides decrease 1 stitch either side of thick rib pattern for first three rows, then every alternate row until desired ankle measurement – this will usually be the original number of stitches. (Approx 36 rows) (Approx 18 stitches)

For ankle length socks Knit one, Purl one rib for 10 rows or for a longer length follow pattern or rib to desired length.

Cast Off

Knit every knit stitch and knit two into every purl stitch then cast off.

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