The Tortured Soul

Over the last couple of days I have written a poem for a long time friend and while I am happy for other people to use it at funeral services, or hand written in a card, I reserve all publishing and other rights.

The Tortured Soul

Try not to judge the tortured soul,
Whose demons you could not see.
Try not to judge their worth,
Against the norms of society.

Instead remember the little things,
The loving times you shared,
The words that you fondly communicated,
That showed how much you cared.

Do not try to understand,
How family and friends they chose to leave.
Do not blame the things you did, or did not do,
But sadly accept, they, felt they must bereave.

Remember they endured a tortured soul,
That somehow couldn’t mend,
And though they may not have shown it,
They loved you all, until the very end.


Elizabeth Sorić, August 2012

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