Poetry Writing Challenge #5

Although, it is clear that the prompts offered by the ‘NaPoWriMo 2013‘ challenge are optional, I am finding that it benefits me to use them.  Left to my own devices I would struggle!  Having said that, I’m not finding this challenge easy.  Although, I was writing daily in my working life and coming home to write more while I was studying, writing for creativity only is something I have barely touched on since school.

Today’s prompt, a valediction, is something I had never really associated with poetry, one can but try…

Farewell, my audacious friend
your comfort I have appreciated.
At many a days end
we commune as stress abated.

Perhaps next year we will converge,
your perfumed spice and red berry smell,
with strawberry and Satsuma plum flavours merge
as a summer pudding spell.

I wish again you grace my glass
with purple pink and scarlet red.
Seek and search the well worn path,
for the vintage ladybird led.

My inspiration for this poem was my final bottle of “Scarlet Ladybird Rose“, last summer. I didn’t find it in my local bottle shop this summer so may have to go for a drive…

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