Bouganvillia Raspberry Ice

Having neglected my painting for way too long, the combination of glorious weather here in South Australia, Easter holidays and isolation encouraged me to find something in the backyard to paint.

The Bouganvillia Raspberry Ice we planted, maybe thirty years ago, is in fine colour and sadly needs a heavy prune, so before all that vibrant colour is lost it was time to paint.

A little dark at the bottom as the sun was behind, should have tried earlier in the day.

Over the years I have had lessons in water colour, but have been a rather erratic painter so have never developed the level of skill I desire. I’m hoping that writing on my blog will help inspire me to paint more regularly as I’ve read that creativity inspires creativity.

First attempt at laying down some colour. I’m pretty happy with the yellow of the outer leaves which is a mix of transparent yellow and raw Sienna. The bracts, if that is what they are called, will have to check, are a more vibrant colour than the permanent Alizerian crimson and Winsor violet I have mixed, but it is always possible that I’ve mistaken the colour I mixed as I didn’t write it down straight away.

It’s cooling down outside now, so will publish my start and see how it looks on the blog. Until next time.

2 Replies to “Bouganvillia Raspberry Ice”

    1. Thanks Warren, I have done a little more, but am now treating it more like a sampler as my skill level vs my desired look are a little incompatible at the moment. Hopefully the sun will come back out and I can get back to it soon.


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