Poetry Writing Challenge #1

A friend of mine has taken part in several writing challenges over the last couple of years and I have often thought that the discipline of writing something every day would be a good way for me to get back in writing mode.  While I’ve never considered that I had any desire to write poetry, nor have I reflected on the difference between poetry and prose either.  Perhaps today is the day…  In any case,  to write well you first need to read and it certainly couldn’t do me any harm to read a poem a day for the next month, could it?

The poem I have chosen for this first ‘NaPoWriMo 2013‘ challenge is ‘She Walks in Beauty’ LORD BYRON (GEORGE GORDON).

She walks in beauty, like the night

Sometimes still and quiet.

Sometimes stormy,

perilous, unpredictable.

Other times gentle, dreamy,


Beware that deceptive beauty bite

when you are least aware.

For often it is a subtle change.

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