Poetry Writing Challenge #2

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is ‘that of a poem that tells a lie’.  I often ponder about truth: truth in history, truth in media etc.  After all every story is only the writer’s version of the truth. When seen from another’s perspective every story has its own truths, which maybe fact or fiction. But as I started to write today my mind had other ideas, a story from a soul who is a little lost, not necessarily me, but from time to time I have been there too.

They see me bold and confident.

They see me strong and proud.

I see me sad and lonely.

I see me lost in the crowd.

I see me not achieving

that which I set out to do.

But was that I thought I must accomplish,

important to me or to you?

Perhaps, I am strong and confident?

Perhaps, I am bold and proud?

Perhaps, my sense of purpose

was misdirected too.

Perhaps, my sense of sadness

comes from trying to be,

everything that you wanted

instead of being me?

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