Hexie Flowers (Part 1)

Hexie Flower

A few years ago I decided to try ‘english paper piecing’, that is using a paper backing to help get a nice line and then seaming by hand.  I bought some hexagon backing papers and template because that seemed a lot easier than trying to cut them freehand. Stitched quite a few together and decided I didn’t like the result. Put the lot in the cupboard and forgot about them.

Recently I was looking for a portable project, pulled out the hexies and decided pulled apart with a change to the centre colours they might be acceptable.  This first set are looking much better. I’m not sure about the green and white ‘leaves’ though.  I’ve decided to do 4 ‘flowers’ and then piece them together and see how it looks.  It may end up being a lap size quilt, it may end up pulled apart, or back in the cupboard.  Only time will tell.


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